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Wells Johnson at a Glance

The Wells Johnson Company has been at the forefront of the development and implementation of high quality aspiration and infiltration equipment into the medical marketplace since 1983.

The past 25 years of our business have been dedicated to the evolution of our aspirators from concept into maintenance-free, high-powered, reliable machines.

Wells Johnson cannulas have been refined into superb surgical instruments that are in high demand around the world. The vast selection of our cannulas is a showcase of our talent in the medical instrument field with the possibilities only limited by the creativity of our ever increasing customer base and our ability to custom make each instrument to suit everyone's needs.

The infiltration process is now virtually effortless with our full line of tumescent products.

Current Distributors

Country Company
Thailand Bravo Medical Tech CO. LTD
Sweden Hojmed Medical
Turkey Elektron Medikal
Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Qatar and Bahrain Alnozha Medical
Mexico BioDiet and Contorno Estetico
South Africa Conquest Surgical Supply
Puerto Rico Advance Medical Technology
Puerto Rico Premed
Costa Rica Alternative Exports
Canada Polytek Medical Inc.
Belguim BeMedical
India Myovatec
Taiwan Angel Medical Instrument Co., LTD

Wells Johnson Distribution Opportunities

Thank you for your interest. This Distributor Application Form is designed to help us get to know you and hopefully, to establish a business relationship. Please note that Wells Johnson is currently not accepting applications for U.S. distributors.

If your company wishes to qualify as an exclusive Wells Johnson Company distributor, we request that you have the following:
  • An established channel of distribution appropriate for this type of product line
  • Representatives adequate to service the specified territory
  • Resources to adapt marketing and promotional material
  • Familiarity with export/import regulations pertaining to the territory
  • A business plan for developing the territory

Wells Johnson Manufacturing Facilities

We have a 70,000 square foot facility to encompass manufacturing, design, inspection, sales, customer service, and shipping/receiving.


Continuous Lumen Cannula CLCâ„¢

Introducing the NEW Wells Johnson Continuous Lumen Cannula CLCâ„¢.
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