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The Wells Johnson Company has been at the forefront of the development and implementation of high quality aspiration and infiltration equipment into the medical marketplace since 1983.

The past 25 years of our business have been dedicated to the evolution of our aspirators from concept into maintenance-free, high-powered, reliable machines

Wells Johnson cannulas have been refined into superb surgical instruments that are in high demand around the world. The vast selection of our cannulas is a showcase of our talent in the medical instrument field with the possibilities only limited by the creativity of our ever increasing customer base and our ability to custom make each instrument to suit everyone's needs.

The infiltration process is now virtually effortless with our full line of tumescent products.

The Wells Johnson Company is dedicated to advancing surgical procedures in our ongoing effort to provide the finest quality customer service available. Our customer service team is built around constant and ongoing training of all of our team members, we take exceptional pride in building and maintaining all of our relationships with every account which is evident in every call that we handle in our customer service department.

Thank you for helping the Wells Johnson Company take surgery to even-greater heights
in the new age of cosmetic procedures.

John F. Wells
President, CEO
Wells Johnson Company


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