About Wells Johnson

36 Years of Dedication

Since 1983, the Wells Johnson Company has been at the forefront of developing and implementing high quality aspiration and infiltration instruments and equipment for the medical marketplace.

For 36 years, our business has been dedicated to the evolution of medical equipment and instruments; from concept into maintenance-free, high-powered and reliable products.

Wells Johnson cannulas have been refined into superb surgical instruments that are highly sought after around the world. The vast selection of our cannulas is a showcase of our talent in the medical instrument field with the possibilities only limited by the creativity of our ever increasing customer base and our ability to custom make each instrument to suit everyone’s needs.


Customer Service

The Wells Johnson Company is dedicated to advancing surgical procedures in our ongoing effort to provide the finest quality customer service available. Our customer service team is built around constant and ongoing training of all of our team members, we take exceptional pride in building and maintaining all of our relationships with every account which is evident in every call that we handle in our customer service department.

History Timeline

General Aspirator™

During the company’s first year, the General Aspirator was launched. The General Aspirator would prove to be a cornerstone product, which would ultimately be the predecessor for the best aspirator family in the world.

Aspirator II™

Building on the success of its predecessor, the Aspirator II™ featured a design and mechanical change that focused on power and durability.

Aspirator II+™

Furthering the mechanical change focused on power and durability in the Aspirator II™, the Aspirator II+™ featured an improved power system for more efficient use.

Aspirator III™

The first aspirator to feature (3) pumps, the Aspirator III™ set the industry standard for power while keeping the footprint the same.

Silberg E.U.A™

The Silberg E.U.A™ was a technology ahead of its time.  Combining external ultrasonic energy, infusion and temperature monitoring, the Silberg E.U.A.™ allowed for extremely effective aspiration.


The “little brother” to the Hercules™, the Whisperator™ shares the same state-of the-art pump technology, design a mechanical functionality for ultra-quiet operation.


Often referred to as the “Workhorse” by customers, the Hercules™ is the most advanced aspirator we’ve developed.  With (3) maintenance free, ultra-powerful yet quiet pumps, the Hercules™ has been our top-selling aspirator for nearly 20 years.

Infiltration Pump™

The Wells Johnson Infusion Pump is extremely reliable, maintenance-free and easy to use.  Controllable flow-rates allow the user to infiltration at their desired speed.

High Volume Collection Canisters

Our line of High-Volume Collection Canisters were developed as an alternative to the oft-used and very fragile glass bottles.  Futhermore, the High Volume Collection Canisters provide users with sterile option for harvesting tissue in large volumes.


The best of both worlds!  The Elite™ is an all-in-one tower comprised of the same internals as the Hercules™ and the Wells Johnson Infusion System.  With an easy to use LED control panel, the Elite™ provides users with both infiltration and aspiration capabilities in a sleek design.


The High Volume Precision (HVP™) Auto-Graft System changed the way large volume procedures are done.  As a fully integrated, enclosed and controllable system, the HVP™ provides precise pressure and speed controls for decreased procedure times, increased customer confidence.

A Personal Statement...

“Thank you for helping the Wells Johnson Company take surgery to even-greater heights
in the new age of cosmetic procedures.”

John F. Wells
President, CEO
Wells Johnson Company


“When I opened my practice 13 years ago, my mentor suggested I look at Wells Johnson for some equipment and instruments.  I took her advice and haven’t looked back.  Their sales team had a breadth of knowledge but more importantly, they were completely honest about what I needed- which was very important on limited budget.  My suction machine, infusion pump and cannulas have been tremendously reliable with absolutely no problems.  I can’t thank Wells Johnson enough for being such a trustworthy group with trustworthy products.”

Dr. R.G.

“The equipment and instruments that I have purchased from Wells Johnson are exactly as advertised.  Their claims of reliability and quality are 100% true.  My favorite products manufactured by Wells Johnson are the cannulas.  The way the cannulas are designed provide structural integrity and make the cleaning of the inner shaft much more simple for my staff.  I will continue to purchase from Wells Johnson and look forward to hearing about any new products they come out with.”

Dr. G.S.

“Compliments to the Wells Johnson Customer Service team!  As a buyer for a hospital, I order many products from many companies and there is no better Customer Service team that I work with.  They are absolutely delightful and impressively knowledgeable.  Thank you for making my job easier while putting a smile on face.”


“For nearly a decade I have used products manufactured by Wells Johnson.  Despite using products manufactured by other companies, I can confidently say that the quality of the products I get from Wells Johnson are second to none.”

Dr. H.S.

“We have been using the HVP™ for about 2 years.  I liked the concept of a closed system and less manipulation of the fat from the beginning.  While both of those are true, they are not the best benefits.  The process is definitely quicker and less nurse/assistant intensive.  Most of all though, it is much on the physician.  When doing large volume transfers, pushing down over 1,000 times on a large syringe could get really hard on the hands.  Using the cannulas and HVP™ machine is much easier and more comfortable.  We have continued to see great results.  I am very pleased with the High Volume Precision (HVP™) Auto Graft System.”

Dr. W.J.
HVP User

“The HVP™ fat grafting system has improved the safety, speed, quality of fat, sterility, and overall process of fat grafting to all parts of the body, in particular for Brazilian Butt Lifts.  After using this system, I will not use any other method for fat grafting.”

Dr. M.B.
HVP User

“Wells Johnson’s new HVP™ system, to efficiently and safely harvest and re-inject fat has dramatically improved my Brazilian Butt Lifting in addition to other areas of high volume fat grafting.  I believe it has also improved my results and safety for my patients by keeping the fat cleaning contained with no open exposure to air, and through the preset pressure limits to further help and prevent vascular damage.

In addition, my surgical tech loves it due to the simplicity of auto prepared fat for immediate re-injection via a foot pedal control at whatever rate the surgeon feels comfortable using.  I would not ever want to go back to the old syringe method of injecting large volumes of fat now that I can do the same procedure safer, quicker and with better results.”

Dr. A.C.
HVP User

“I’m not sure who should be happier…

  • The surgeon because this equipment saves me time and increases the overall patient experience, improves on patient safety, and allows me to more efficiently transfer large volumes of adipose tissue with much and more successful rates.
  • The staff because set-up and cleaning are so smooth and easy, procedure times have been dramatically reduced because of the ability to quickly decant the adipose and infranatant.
  • The patients because they are getting tremendous results…both from a wonderful harvest location but additionally from a large volume transfer.  My patients have been thrilled at the results of their breast and buttock grafting procedures.

In all cases, I want to say a big “Thank You” to the Wells Johnson team for creating this very simple to use system that truly incorporates the best technologies for large volume fat grafting”

Dr. G.S.
HVP User

“I wouldn’t consider doing a Large Volume procedure without my HVP™.”

Dr. C.M.
HVP User, United States of America

“Having a one-stop, closed, integrated system for collecting fat from the donor sites, separating fat from fluids and then pumping fat directly back into the grafting site(s) is a wonderful thing!

My staff loves that they don’t have to load and re-load syringes for fat injection and assemble, disassemble and sterilize spring-loaded injection guns.

My fingers really appreciate not having to manually compress syringe after syringe of fat to precisely place the hundreds of cc’s of fat we are grafting to the breast and butt!”

Dr. E.Z.
HVP User, Wells Johnson Company